SISTRÁGUA - Water Treatment Systems

We are a new company specialized in the installation and maintenance of water treatment systems, working in various areas of the country, with particular focus on the districts of Lisbon, Setubal, Evora and Beja, counting on our staff with professionals with high skills and more than 10 years of experience in the field.


We intend to contribute positively to solve our customers' needs, with services performed in accordance with the quality standards we demand within our organization, including warranty on all services.


One of the differentiating factors of our work is the ease of travel and warranty support and maintenance in a timely manner.


João Paulo Ferreira

At Sistrágua we specialize in making the water you consume into pure water. We have adequate solutions to the treatment of water that solve whatever your problem is and transform drinking water into pure water so that its use by any person is the most beneficial.


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Sistrágua-Sistemas de Tratamento de Água Unipessoal Lda
(Coruche, Fajarda e Erra)
Azervadinha - Sistrágua

Rua Principal 76 Azervadinha
2100-016 CORUCHE
( Coruche, Fajarda e Erra )
934 199 064
963 758 858